Sash window double glazing to improve energy efficiency in the home

Sash window double glazing is a great way of reducing the energy requirements of your property whilst improving your home energy rating, and reducing U-values. Energy performance certificates are extremely important in achieving the full market price of your property and sash window double glazing achieves this, as well as improving the energy efficiency of your home and reducing carbon footprints.

Reducing our demand on electricity and gas is a prime factor in controlling global warming. Sash window double glazing is a great step in the right direction. We predict two more degrees increase in temperature is going to do last damage to the eco system. While sash window draught proofing alone in every home in London won’t be enough, it’s going to make a serious dent on energy requirements, that are met by fossil fuel and certainly combined as part of a complete home insulation solution is going to be very beneficial.

sash window double glazing

Sash windows do not need to be entirely replaced in order that they are double glazed. In some circumstances, specialist sash window double glazing companies can alter your original sash to hold the uprated glazing. In the event the sash is too slender to take a standard double glazed unit there are two options. One is to install a ultra thin vacuum sealed unit, the other option which is probably more economically viable, is to replace the original sash, but make use of the original frame. This is preferable because new sashes can be manufactured so that they can hold the larger, more energy efficient sealed unit. This is actually cheaper because the Pilkington high tech energy efficient slim line unit is extremely expensive, far outweighing the cost of a pair of sashes to be manufactured. Research suggests that Argon filled double glazed units perform considerably better than an empty vacuum sealed double glazed unit. Most sash window double glazing companies will install a sealed unit that is either Argon, or Krypton filled. Whilst installing sash window double glazing, it is accepted that a sash window draught proofing system will amplify the energy saving effects of double glazed units. The energy efficiency of either is very similar, and extremely beneficial for reduced home energy bills.

Always a good time to go solar

Climate change has climbed the importance ladder week after week, month after month, to the point China, the largest population on Earth, is absolutely dependant on it, so should you be. Do not believe solar is expensive or provides slow payback. It won’t be long before you’re car is running on electric.  On top of this with resale in mind, homes are being graded bases on energy efficiency and carbon output levels. It’s all too common now to see new homes with many features, both energy saving and renewable being built in as standard. This is the new movement and there’s never been a more affordable time to jump in.

time to go solarBut is now really the time to go solar?

“Take care of the important energy saving possibilities in the home first”, say the experts. It’s much more cost effective to make the home energy efficient, than it is to power the home. On top of that, being energy efficient first, means when the time comes to power the home, less solar panels are required! So it’s a vital to make the home energy efficient first. A great way to start the energy efficiency is a loft insulation top up. Once the loft is done we should move onto cavity wall insulation as this is the second best way of saving energy per pound spent. The next issue is to handle look at doors and draught proof sash windows. Once you’ve got these three core principals in place you could then look at the most basic ways of using and purchasing renewable energy. The most common would be making your on hot water for showering and bathing.

Insulate the home then contact Government for grants on solar.
There’s no way to get a solar grant if you haven’t fully upgraded your insulation first. It stands to reason as mentioned above, per pound energy efficiency is a lot better investment than energy production. This makes sense. If we closely look at energy efficiency of loft, wall, and window insulation, the costs can be recouped from energy savings within 3 years, as opposed to 7 to 20 years for energy production itself.

Get real on solar
You absolutely must have a south facing wall or roof to make the most of solar. Many areas in the world have far great solar capability and the UK is not a solar hotspot by any means. That doesn’t rule out solar, it just means we need to factor all this into the methods used to create renewable energy.

The solar sell

Ha! Did you like my play on words? No seriously solar in residential situations is in it’s infancy, and as a result people don’t know the true pricing and regulations to watch for.Always seek independent advice before your purchase.  Think for example about water heating. It’ll improve the amount of energy used in the central heating and showering element, however you’ll still need electricity elsewhere, and at night if your not using a battery system

Always speak to the Energy Savings Trust for solar first, you’ll be assured of quality, impartial advice.

Sash window draught proofing is a zero energy cost with four to five year payback.

sash window draught proofing

Sash window draught proofing is the most brilliant, up and coming way in which we are saving in the home. Mostly the costs are covered in a few short years. This article assumes you have sash windows in your period Victorian property that have not been upgraded to double glazing, and have no other energy efficient measures in place already.

draught proof window

Sash window draught proofing is a series of draught seals that are installed inside the sash window to improve the overall insulation of your sash windows and is a very effective tools against heat loss much in the same way as loft insulation and cavity wall insulation. Typically a sash window requires gaps around the timber profiles in order that it can move up and down nicely. This is completely normal and the unfortunate problem with this is the ice cold window that travels straight through the sashes, most notably the meeting rails and sides of the sashes. The seals are installed to stop this draught travel and there are even further benefits of no more rattling as well as the dust no longer being able to pass through the rails.

The costs are quite considerable upfront but the payback is real and genuine. Normally a sash window will cost £250 per window to draught proof. This cost will include a minor service and ropes replaced as well. There are some sash window draught proofing companies that will supply new catches as well. This is because the meeting rail is the most vulnerable point of losing heat and so the catch will help to pull the seals tightly together. This service is important and will considerably reduce our carbon footprint as well as being a brilliant alternative to plastic UPVC replacement.

There are an estimated 6 million sash windows in London. If we take the Energy Saving Trust figures on draught proofing then London as a whole could be saving a massive £150 million a year in heating and just imagine the benefit to the environment of that much fossil fuel use removed from the equation.

window draught proofing

If you have original sash windows that are draughty I highly recommend calling this sash window draught proofing company as they will offer a free, no obligation quote as well as attend your property and provide a custom solution. They are experts with over ten years experience draught proofing sash windows and offer a comprehensive five year guarantee. Given your energy payback period is four to five years, and energy is not getting any cheaper, anytime soon, then this is exactly the zero energy service you will want to implement as part of your home energy efficiency drive. There is no point considering renewable energy such as solar power until the basics are covered.

Sash window draught proofing in London is extremely common. The company mentioned is one of many and there is opportunity to get three or four quotes extremely easily with little effort. These companies have mobile workshops and can typically service four or five windows per day. The process is straight forward and they leave the home neat and tidy. I had my sash windows draught proofed and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants to improve the quality of life in their home. I also feel more secure because the sash windows do not rattle and no longer feel flimsy.

Solar Power

Solar water heating basics
Solar water heating systems use energy from the sun to heat the water into your shower, taps, and some larger systems, the central heating as well to cut gas costs as well. The technology involved has a few names but really mean the same thing including solar thermal, solar water heating, or even just plain old solar hot water.

The basic principle is simple with a solar collector transferring hot water into a tank that then pushes more cold water up though the solar transfer.  It’s always a great time to go solar. This circulation system is gravity fed and requires no energy other than the pressure straight from your home water supply. In some cases the pressure is too high and we might need to regulate this in order to ensure hot water leaves the solar transfer unit. The system incorporates anti freeze ensuring that in winter months you do not have maintenance issues to consider. The hot water cylinder thermostat needs to be set at 70oC so that the in the event the solar power cannot get the job done the home heating system can back it up and help bring water to the correct temperature. There is no good reason why 60% of all water used in the bath and shower as well as taps does not come from your solar panels. In the summer months it can be expected that with long sunny days you’ll have zero cost on the heating of your water.

A hot water tank
A larger hot water tank with a second coil will usually be fitted as part of a solar heating  as this will ensure that a 50 litre tank per person can provide full usage in the summer months. Typically 50 litres of water per person is more than enough hot water and with long summer days we can take advantage of little or no fuel costs in the heating of water.

Solar panels to heat water.
Two types of solar panel are available at the moment – flat plate and evacuated tube. A household of four occupants would normally need 4 square metres of flat plate or 3 square metres of evacuated tubes to cover the typical usages.

Flat plate solar panels represent best value for money.
Flat plate solar panels have the advantage that they can be installed on the roof which is great as they can be considered unsightly as well as conservation areas approving them as they are no longer visible. This type of solar panel is cheaper and more robust than a tubing method.

Evacuated TubesEvacuated tubes are the most efficient
Evacuated tubes are slightly more efficient than flat plate but come with a price tag and also have maintenance issue to consider. The installation also takes longer as it is not as straight forward.

What we are normally asked.


As of 2017 we are not aware of any grants for solar power although it’s always worth checking the Energy Savings Trust websites for updates as they will offer comprehensive coverage is an offer is exposed. Normal criteria when grants become available are:

• you are a homeowner.
• you have at least 25 cm of loft insulation in place already that is provable by document and invoice.
• planning permission and all government permits are in place prior to application for grants.
you must use an approved installer.

Solar PV reduction in costs
A suitably sized PV system will provide around half of the homes requirement in usage. With a typical electricity bill being around £500 per year it is a worthwhile saving if you can achieve a grant.

solar pv
Thanks to wikipedia

Optimum performance.
Solar PV will generate electricity anywhere in the UK as long as there is daylight however the summer months will produce a lot more electricity because the solar radiation is higher and longer than the winter. This does not mean winter is not a good time, because it is. If a solar panel maintains a lower temperature then the electricity conduction and performance is far greater. To be worthwhile you’ll need at least 10 metres squared of roof that receives direct sunlight and even better, this roof is south facing to maximise returns. You would always keep the panels clean as shading will reduce solar absorption and it’s worthwhile making sure they are clean every few months. They shouldn’t need a great deal of cleaning as they are only going to be effected by dust from the street.

Who to check about viability
Solar roof systems are regarded as permitted developments so most homeowners won’t need planning permission but if you’re listed or in conservation areas you should check what can be done. it is likely listed buildings will have some difficulty while conservation areas will have more flexibility. Normally solar installers will contact you within 2-3 weeks of you selecting them to arrange a convenient survey time then a month or so after quote acceptance you will receive an installation date which will take a few days normally.