Loft Insulation

loft insulation in roof

Don’t miss out – insulate your home for free with this zero energy rated service.

Cavity wall and loft insulation professionally installed with extremely quick repayment periods

Insulating your home is the most effective way to save energy and cut real costs off the home bills, and now you can do it for free with Government incentive grants, if you fall into the right category and criteria. The Energy Savings Trust have this page on incentives and reductions in loft insulation costs.

The funding ends soon so to take advantage of this offer before all the money is allocated to other peoples homes rather than yours. You’ve paid your taxes, and your astute coming to our website. Do not delay one minute more. Act now.

loft insulation

Let’s look at the advantages

• cut down energy costs.
• Don’t just make your home warmer, also improve the temperature when it’s too hot in summer.
• Do your bit to improve the environment.
• This service might be free if you fit the right criteria.

We are a comparison service to help homeowners find the best deals on professionally installed cavity wall and loft insulation including grants.
We help you compare estimates from approved insulation installers based on price, customer satisfaction and time to install. We can then refer you to the approved installers or provide you with details on how to get in touch directly. Either way we do this free of charge and our goal is to provide free information and reduced costs for homes. We monitor all its installer partners closely to ensure a high quality, professional service. Customer satisfaction surveys inform both this process and the customer rating you’ll find against each company.

All the installers on our list are members of the National Insulation Association and their cavity wall work carries the 25 year CIGA guarantee. This greatly simplifies the task of comparing cost estimates from installers you can trust. The service is quick, easy and free to use. We don’t mess around we keep things simple and are trusted by many homes to get things right for you
We are an independent comparison service and not for profit, we have one clear goal, reduce climate change.

A bi-product of our main aim is that we help homeowners find the best deals on cavity wall insulation and loft insulation, including available insulation grants and discounts.

The steps

You can access our comparison service by simply browsing our website for accredited installers. You can also contact us and simply give us a few details about you and your home and we will identify which insulation installers on our system can do the work for you.
We can provide detailed ratings and vetting of each installer and the recommendations from precious customers and homeowners.

Customer satisfaction rating
To ensure you get the highest quality loft insulation we follow up all our installations and ask our customers to rate the service they have received from their installer. The most recent of those ratings are then averaged and presented to you to help you choose between the installers based on their current performance. These reviews from customers help us to ensure the on-going reliability of all installers on our system.

The install
We monitor the install, time taken from point of contact, and the work done to improve the quality of service you receive. Our comprehensive algorithm ensure our clients receive the best and most recent, high quality installers in their homes.

Because of our large database of installers, based on your unique requirement we will be able to submit to you the three very best quotes available to your postcode. We are so confident that you will not receive a cheaper price that we offer a price match guarantee.

What we haven’t discussed yet.

It’s often the case that the council endorses only one installer in your area. We offer a unique way of receiving vetted installers without the headaches and handwork of researching.

We are is self-financing. Installers pay the service the same small fixed fee every time a referral  results in them fitting cavity wall insulation or loft insulation. This level playing field ensures impartiality. We do not require any payment from you and this keeps the website and server costs covered.

Good reasons to insulate right now.

It’s often quite surprising how cheaply a home can be insulated for. With an insulation grant it can become FREE if you are 70 or over or receive certain benefits. If there was no loft incentives in place then an insulation service might be over £500 so do not delay, take advantage before it’s gone. Government grants will not last forever.

Brilliant returns on investment.

If you have little or no insulation in your home then it is likely that as much as half of your heating bill could be cut with quality insulation.
You can easily fix this. Insulation is the most cost effective solution. The Energy Saving Trust estimates annual savings of £100 from cavity wall insulation and £150 from installing loft insulation over a thickness of 27cm.

Because of the brilliant incentives around you may get your money back in just three years whilst an installation is guaranteed for 25 years. There is no better value for money to be found in the home. Also it’s worth considering that up to 30cm of loft insulation has very little diminishing return in value. This means any less than 30cm and your wasting a real saving opportunity.

How to receive funding

Over recent years the UK government has made it compulsory that all major energy providers provide incentives and schemes to reduce consumption. The energy companies are making massive profits and the government intends to make this profit turn into actual savings in the home and a reduced carbon footprint. A wise move. If you are seeking free insulation, a loft insulation grant, or a cavity wall insulation grant then you are in the right place as well will do our best to help you receive these offers as they become available to you based on your criteria.

The climate change thing
It takes less fuel to keep a well insulated home comfortable and this in turn results in lower carbon emissions. This in turn keeps the planet safer and better balanced looking to the future.

And finally
Insulation will help your home stay warmer in winter and could help you stay cooler on hot summer. It can make your home feel more comfortable as well as providing financial benefits. Insulating your home is one of the easiest jobs available today and it is the job that will have highest impact.