Sash window double glazing to improve energy efficiency in the home

Sash window double glazing is a great way of reducing the energy requirements of your property whilst improving your home energy rating, and reducing U-values. Energy performance certificates are extremely important in achieving the full market price of your property and sash window double glazing achieves this, as well as improving the energy efficiency of your home and reducing carbon footprints.

Reducing our demand on electricity and gas is a prime factor in controlling global warming. Sash window double glazing is a great step in the right direction. We predict two more degrees increase in temperature is going to do last damage to the eco system. While sash window draught proofing alone in every home in London won’t be enough, it’s going to make a serious dent on energy requirements, that are met by fossil fuel and certainly combined as part of a complete home insulation solution is going to be very beneficial.

sash window double glazing

Sash windows do not need to be entirely replaced in order that they are double glazed. In some circumstances, specialist sash window double glazing companies can alter your original sash to hold the uprated glazing. In the event the sash is too slender to take a standard double glazed unit there are two options. One is to install a ultra thin vacuum sealed unit, the other option which is probably more economically viable, is to replace the original sash, but make use of the original frame. This is preferable because new sashes can be manufactured so that they can hold the larger, more energy efficient sealed unit. This is actually cheaper because the Pilkington high tech energy efficient slim line unit is extremely expensive, far outweighing the cost of a pair of sashes to be manufactured. Research suggests that Argon filled double glazed units perform considerably better than an empty vacuum sealed double glazed unit. Most sash window double glazing companies will install a sealed unit that is either Argon, or Krypton filled. Whilst installing sash window double glazing, it is accepted that a sash window draught proofing system will amplify the energy saving effects of double glazed units. The energy efficiency of either is very similar, and extremely beneficial for reduced home energy bills.