Always a good time to go solar

Climate change has climbed the importance ladder week after week, month after month, to the point China, the largest population on Earth, is absolutely dependant on it, so should you be. Do not believe solar is expensive or provides slow payback. It won’t be long before you’re car is running on electric.  On top of this with resale in mind, homes are being graded bases on energy efficiency and carbon output levels. It’s all too common now to see new homes with many features, both energy saving and renewable being built in as standard. This is the new movement and there’s never been a more affordable time to jump in.

time to go solarBut is now really the time to go solar?

“Take care of the important energy saving possibilities in the home first”, say the experts. It’s much more cost effective to make the home energy efficient, than it is to power the home. On top of that, being energy efficient first, means when the time comes to power the home, less solar panels are required! So it’s a vital to make the home energy efficient first. A great way to start the energy efficiency is a loft insulation top up. Once the loft is done we should move onto cavity wall insulation as this is the second best way of saving energy per pound spent. The next issue is to handle look at doors and draught proof sash windows. Once you’ve got these three core principals in place you could then look at the most basic ways of using and purchasing renewable energy. The most common would be making your on hot water for showering and bathing.

Insulate the home then contact Government for grants on solar.
There’s no way to get a solar grant if you haven’t fully upgraded your insulation first. It stands to reason as mentioned above, per pound energy efficiency is a lot better investment than energy production. This makes sense. If we closely look at energy efficiency of loft, wall, and window insulation, the costs can be recouped from energy savings within 3 years, as opposed to 7 to 20 years for energy production itself.

Get real on solar
You absolutely must have a south facing wall or roof to make the most of solar. Many areas in the world have far great solar capability and the UK is not a solar hotspot by any means. That doesn’t rule out solar, it just means we need to factor all this into the methods used to create renewable energy.

The solar sell

Ha! Did you like my play on words? No seriously solar in residential situations is in it’s infancy, and as a result people don’t know the true pricing and regulations to watch for.Always seek independent advice before your purchase.  Think for example about water heating. It’ll improve the amount of energy used in the central heating and showering element, however you’ll still need electricity elsewhere, and at night if your not using a battery system

Always speak to the Energy Savings Trust for solar first, you’ll be assured of quality, impartial advice.

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