Renewable Energy

Climate Change – the most boring phrase I hear all the time, BUT the pace of climate change if fully understood would make the hairs on your back stand up, and that’s a promise.

Let’s be honest, i’m bored of listening to that same old “climate change” phrase. I won’t lie. I am a serious eco warrior and I get bored. What needs to be talked about is the speed and urgency of climate change.

It is not unusual for the earth’s average temperature to rise or fall within great time ranges. It’s worth noting however it does lead to extinction of species, which we have documented back to the age of dinosaurs.  It’s now known that the fossil fuels we’ve been burning, and are burning today will lead to a catastrophic increase in temperature that will decimate low lying lands and turn them into a sea. Millions of people and homes will be lost, and less surface area of land means a higher density of human population. One thing worth noting right now is that there is no problem with population thankfully.


sea flood
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A scientific survey of the best minds in science, just short of 1000 participants, all agreed or did not contest that the burning of fuels are leading to warming. Three quarters firmly believed this to be the case and could offer no other plausible explanation for the incredible rate at which the planet is hotting up. We have absolutely got to workout a way to make clean renewable energy, which between you and I is being suppressed from the masses as they don’t know how to tax it yet.


fossial fuel


CO2 forms part of the natural greenhouse we live in that helps make the eco system in the first place. The problem is we don’t want too hot. Data shows clearly that CO2 levels are the highest they’ve been in over half a million years. It seems no accident.  Chemical analysis reveals that the majority of the 30% increase in CO2 over the last 100 years is the result of burning coal, gas and oil. Doesn’t that sound a bit scary? Tome that’s shocking. We can only pray that the remaining fossil fuel is used up before too much damage is done and it becomes irreversible.

What’s more interesting is that the hottest ten years since records began have been in the last twenty five. There is no other good explanation for the problem other than our incredible rate of fossil fuel consumption. It has to be put down to CO2 that is man made and we need to put a big stop on it now.

However, energy saving is something positive we can all do to prolong the availability of finite natural resources which will help us to adapt.  Reducing CO2 emissions can be as straight-forward as insulating our homes with quality loft insulation, sash window draught proofing, or cavity wall insulation switching off lights and taking our foot off the accelerator heavily when driving. If you’re unsure about draught proofing I recommend reading this comprehensive resource and in depth guide for sash window draught proofing and how to do it, or how the professionals do sash window draught proofing to save on energy in the home, and also how much money can be saved from the process. London borough of Islington Council have released this video on the importance of draught proofing:

If you’re in the right part of London theres a chance you could get sash window draught proofing free as part of the green deal. Waltham Forest for example are currently running these draught proofing subsidies Rather than replacing your sash windows that are draughty there are considerably better ways of improving energy consumption. Effective sash window repair will consume considerably less energy on install than double glazing which is entirely energy efficient but comes at considerable cost. Sash window repair combined with sash window draught proofing is low cost, improves home comfort, and will reduce energy bills.One of the best resources online at the moment for sash window draught proofing can be found here. If your still not sure you could take a look at http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/draught-proofing. Home insulation is a key factor in the future of our planet with minimal climate change. Did you know every home well insulated could save as much as 50% on heating costs, which isn’t just money, it’s less carbon built up as well.



I’ll say it once more, to be sure the message comes home. The facts are seriously real, the resulting damage to our planet may well be irreversible. We need to really take this matter by the scruff of the neck and achieve an effort together, singularly we cannot make the differences required. I highly recommend you join our movement to improve the chances of our children having a higher quality of life in the years to come. If you need any further information, as ever we must speak to the Energy Savings Trust as they’ll bring further facts to my rant.